Design in Context is a masters level course focusing on the effect of context on small scale built structures. The students participate in short, 10-14 day, design and build workshops that in addition to being experimental as educational projects are also real-life permanent projects with real-life clients. The students are expected to make good architecture that will last through their own life spans and that reflect the social, geographical, ecological, cultural and architectural context of the given site.


Course and project credit: Design in Context 2014, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts, NTNU Norway

Heggmoen, Bodø, Nordland, Norway

Design and build time:
10 days

Sami Rintala, Pasi Aalto and Carla Carvalho

Annika Persch Andersen, Simen Aas, Thea Hougsrud Andreassen, Edouard Bernard, Camille Boudeweel, Claudia Calvet Gomez, Steinar Hillersøy Dyvik, Sophie Galarneau, William Gibson, Henrik Pfeiffer, Elise Aunet Tyldum, Espen Strandmyr Eide, Aurora Schønfeldt Larsen, Kim Stroh and Erik Hadin

Client: M
unicipality of Bodø

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