The main goal for Workshop Luster is to activate the historical site that is Hestaskårane in Luster, Sogn og Fjordane in Norway, which the client has been doing for years already. By formulating a program for the buildings on the site, and adding new and needed architecture, parallel with the restoration in progress, we hope to revitalise and protect the site through increased use. Hestaskaarane is an exhibition in itself, and the projects is therefore adjacent to the context, and increases availability by always being open. We built a pavilion and an outdoor toilet facility, both just next to the historical cluster of buildings.


While the structures are contrasting shapes to the original buildings, the cladding is similar. We burnt pine cladding that we received from the local sawmill. Load bearing structures were made by pine and spruce, found on site, milled by the landowner, just meters off site. From wide lumber the dimensions were self-made to create the framework. In close collaboration with the landowner, who is also a carpenter, the project plans evolved throughout the workshop, a great way to learn. We received every part used to create the structures from the locals, with extraordinary will and optimism. The project is truly built with the historical Norwegian farm spirit, local and reused materials.


Summer 2015

Coop Byggmix
Fjordglas AS
Sønnesyn Sag
Naumann Bygg AS
Ole Bringebøen
Nordbohus Sogn
Christiania Spigerverk
Joker Luster
Coop Nærkjøp
Nortura Sogndal

Tord Bukve, Fredrik Asplin, Jan Fredrik Holmestrand, Jarell Lura and Joakim A. Glenthøj

Ina Samdal, Maria Therese Nervik, Marie Norvall Vegdahl, Ebba Karoline Due, Simen Eide Trollvik, Julia Kolacz, Anne-Mergrethe Lothe, Gustav Bjørngaard Rødde and Maria Aaberge

35 000 NOK – all from local sponsors

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