In relation to the 100th anniversary of Tove Jansson, the creator of the moomin troll, 15 first year architecture students got the task from the public library in Trondheim to build a Moomin troll house in the courtyard of the main library in Trondheim. The project was also a means to make the library a more active and user friendly experience for the city’s inhabitants. 

All of the work was done through voluntary work from the students and was their first independent project outside the studies. Besides from the building itself, the students also had to design, plan and find investors to the project. 

The house itself and the courtyard lies in direct connection to the library’s children’s department, and is foremost intended used by the children and their parents. One of the primary goals of the project was of course to attract more visitors to the library, but also to raise awareness of the work of Tove Jansson for today’s children as well.


The public library ‘Midtbyen’,
Trondheim, Norway

Summer ‘14

Trondheim public library

Bibi Melhus

Hanna Holm Landmark
Erik Frydenlund Hofsbro
Jonas Kyllenstjerna Pettersen
Olaf Godtland Røe
Tora Vollset
Anna Van Der Zwaag
Viktor Olsson
Ambjørg Gaustad
Caroline C.S. Kverne
Simon Dai
Jonas Peter Falck
Livar Høyland Opedal
Anders Wunderle Solhøy
Erlend Garnås
Ingeborg Stavdal

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