Piren is a part of a larger project. The goal was to activate the almenningen, a site located at the end of Kongens Gate. The project is linked to Bølgen, and it aims to make the river, Nidelva, and the old boathouses more available to the public. The pier has a 12 m long span, cantilevering from the stairs and out in the river. This gives the spectators a new perspective of the water.

Along with the simple function, the focus has been to create an aesthetic wood construction produced industrially. The design is a simple truss, but the width of each rod is optimized for strength requirements. This has become possible through a close collaboration with Nathalie Labonnote in SINTEF, where she as an engineer became an important part of the actual design.

The bridge is designed as a kit, almost like Lego. Every piece is different, but fit together so installation is simple and effective. This has become possible using the router to Snekkeriet in Verdal.



Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim Kommune
“En blå tråd”

Anders Gunleiksrud,
John Haddal Mork

Bendik Manum
Nathalie Labonnote
Anders Rønnquist

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