TreStykker 2014 is an independent workshop led by five architect students from NTNU, with invited students from the landscape architecture studies at NMBU and architecture studies at NTNU, AHO and BAS. In 2014 TreStykker was held for the sixth time, and made a new addition to the several previously built projects located in Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo. The sixth workshop was held in Brekstad, Ørland, west of Trondheim, where a total of 30 students participated in designing and building an urban park. 

The core focus during the project has been how to adapt to the place, how to best use recycled materials and how the project process could be further developed. The workshop also becomes an arena for students to meet across their original places of studies, make new contacts and get valuable experience from the design and building process. 

The park is public and open for all, and tries to give a glimpse of how the future development of the coastal city of Brekstad might could be. Hopefully, the project could also inspire other landscape- and architect students to participate in future workshops, or even spark the engagement and courage to initiate and realize projects of their own. 


Steffen Wellinger
August Schmidt

Project owner:
Ørland kommune

Architect students from NTNU, AHO and BAS together with landscape architecture students from NMBU.

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