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 All photos ©  Pasi Aalto

Rundhallen is the entry hall of Samfundet in Trondheim. For a period of 11 months, the project combined efforts from more than 70 volunteer students and professionals.

The main concept was to restore Rundhallen to its original state as it was made in 1929.

The walls, ceiling and floors were restored by examining old photos from the photo archives at Samfundet. As all light sources were placed to bring greater focus to the existing shapes and structures in the circular room.

All additional installations were designed to emphasize the contrast between the old and new, highlighting some of the dignity it had when the students took the building for the first time.


Location: Trondheim, Norway
Client: Studentersamfundet i Trondheim
Project: Student centre, Interioroproject
Coat: 1 543 378 NOK / 205 600 EUR
Building period: November 2006 – October 2007
Area: 550m2

Andreas Gr¿ntvedt Gjertsen
Yashar Hanstad
Erlend Bauck Sole
Pasi Aalto

Contact person / Andreas Gjertsen / andreas()tyintegnestue.no

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