Arkitekthjelpen _ Architect Aid

Project description

”Arkitekthjelpen” (”the Architect Aid ”), is a non-profit student organization at NTNU which purpose is to promote architecture to users outside the profession, whilst contributing to a good dialogue between architects and the users.From our desire to increase interest in architecture, and lower the threshold for acquiring an architect, we have two main tasks.

The first one is free architectural counselling to local clients with smaller projects that are difficult for professional architects to create profit from. These give students a relevant experience, and the clients a new look at architecture without paying anything! Just this semester we have arranged two events with 12 different interesting projects.

Our second task is building small pop-up structures with students from local schools. This is a fun and creative exercise that gives young students a hands on experience of architecture, while making both the profession and its students visible in the city! In this semester we held a workshop with 20 students from a secondary school. The students started in small scale, and quickly moved on to building full-scale structures in the middle of Trondheim city!

Arkitekhjelpen provides an import low threshold platform for students to get in touch with user insight and Live Project approach.

More info / Contact

Fredrik Asplin
Marie Norrvall Vegdahl
vice leader – counselling
Karen Therese Lund
economy – workshops



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