Camera Obscura

Project description

This master course was part of the development of the NTNU Laboratory of digital modelling and prefabrication of buildings (1-2-TRE:lab) and was supported financially by Innovation Norway.

The course was based on a close cooperation between architects and engineers, and the understanding that cooperation and mutual respect are fundamental for realizing successful projects in a digital age.

Camera Obscura was finished in 2006 and is located on Honnørbrygga beside Sjøfartsmuseet and Royal Garden in Trondheim. It has the size of a large container and is today operated by Vitensenteret.

Camera Obscura is a large, dark room with white walls and floors and with a mirror and a lens on the roof. Through the rotating “periscope” an image of its surroundings is being captured on the floor. The camera also has a classic “pinhole” located in the door, which transforms the room into a 180 degree image of the outside world.

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Geir Brendeland / geir.brendeland()

Olav Kristoffersen / olav.kristoffersen()

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Eskild Andersen, Åge Eivind Aslaksen, Erik Fjelldal, Sindre Kjetil Frigstad, Kristian Torvund Hansen, Anna Madeleine Johander, Maria Bjørn Olsen, Christian Robberstad, Anne Anfindsen Sandnes, Fredrikke Finne Seip, Ingrid Reiersen Solbakken, Anders Haagensen Strand, Bjørn Olav Susæg, Ingvild Sæbu Vatn and Matti Kristoffer Wiig.


– Professor Knut Einar Larsen (Architecture). Coordinator and Course Director

– Professor Geri Brendeland

– Professor Olav Kristoffersen

– Nils Fjærvik


Guest teachers:

Alf Christian Samuelsen , Guest teacher & coordinator

Professor and architect Ruth Berktold, Münich.

Professor Daniel Schodek, Harvard Design School.

Architect Cristoph Schindler, ETH Zürich.

Architect Gregg Pasquarelli, SHoP, New York.

– Professor Tore Haavaldsen (Dept. of Civil & Transport Engineering)

– Also participating is Professor Letizia Jaccheri (Dept. of Computer and Information Science)