Head, Heart and Hands On

Project description

Studying the architecture of the process
A collection of experiences from the village of Ibanda in Western Uganda

A master thesis by
Ragnhild Førde og Andreas Grøntvedt Gjertsen

Today the whole world is a relevant workspace for architects. Our lives are closely linked to people across the globe, and we want to consider new methods for promoting development, where our value is measured in our skill and our ability to initiate sustainable processes. We believe the role of the architect still has potential to be reinterpreted..

We have planned and implemented a project in rural Uganda in participation with the local community. This a presentation of what we have brought home – Experiences, knowledge and learnings. The actual result of the project is still evolving in Uganda.

Contact persons / Ragnhild Førde / frokenforde()gmail.com / Andreas Grøntvedt Gjertsen / aggjertsen@gmail.com

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