Rindal Birdwatching Tower

Project description

The design and construction of the bird watching tower, was a part of the course Timber structures at NTNU in 2011. The course was 14 weeks in duration and consisted of 15 students.

The tower is situated close to a wetland in Rindal where different types of birds stay during their migrant season. The wetlands border on a small lake to the north. A small creek cuts through the land to the west, and there is a grove of pine trees to the east. From the path along the lake, the birdwatching tower appears as a semi-transparent screen wall precisely where the grove ends and the wetlands begin. Two things may come to the visitors’ awareness: the first is that which is called a birdwatching tower is actually more like a three-dimensional wall (to be climbed inside and behind) than a tower and the second is that the structure is made solely of wood and is semi-transparent.

One does not arrive at the front, but through the grove of pine trees along a small path from the east. This keeps the visitors from being too visible to the birds on the wetlands ig front of the screen wall. The path leads you behind the screen wall onto a wooden platform that connects the structure to the natural floor of the forest. The build wall and the platform, together with the tall pines behind, create an attractive space that situates the viewer in close connection with the elements of nature through sight, smell, touch and sound. It is not an entirely built space, but partly nature and partly architecture.

More info / Contact

Contact person / Bjørn Otto Braaten / bjorn.otto.braaten@ntnu.no

All photos © Pasi Aalto

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Anna Linnea Hørtin, Marit Øysæd, Martin Konieczny, Mateusz Bartczak, Nikolaj Skybakmoen, Ole Thomas Rødland, Bjarni Thorgrimsson, Robert Schmid, Lison Esperou Carmes, Anja Winger Bertelsen, Asbjørn Olav Syverhuset, Laurie Le Gall, Anders Tveiten, Monica Bellika Esaiassen and Agnieszka Betowt.


Jan Siem, Bjørn Otto Braaten, Pasi Aalto, Anrstein Gilberg and Bendik Manum


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