Rindal Sauna

Project description

The design and construction of the public sauna in Rindal, was a part of the course Studies of Tectonic Culture , consisting of 31 students at master level at NTNU spring 2011. The final part of the course gave the task to build a sauna in typical inland climate of Norway in scale 1:1.

The project is designed with the intention to let people experience the nature and the surroundings as well as having the sauna experience. The sauna is therefore split into three separate buildings, which create a walk from the changing room to the sauna. Depending on the season you get a different experience, with sun, rain, snow and wind. The walk starts inside the forest where the changing rooms are placed and ends up in the sauna that is placed on the border between the forest and the open space leading down to the water.

The construction is pine and the interior in all three buildings aspen. The storage is incorporated into the walls in both the changing rooms and the sauna, by inhabited walls with rooms for bafs, fire wood, water etc. It is used a 130mm log construction for the walls of all three buildings. For other parts of the buildings, such as the roof constructions and the walkway, dimensions that derived from this main dimension, using half or a quarter of it was used.

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Finn Hakonsen / finn.hakonsen()ntnu.no

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Margit Strand Amdal, Maria Arnau Diaz De Villegas, Kristin Melkild Avset, Ingeborg Ulvund Barlaup, João Bermudes, Alejo Chico, Carlos André Ribeiro Coutinho, Eva Danielsen, Lasse Eide, Liv Kristine Færing, Mari Folven, Gunhild Marie Gransæther, Ann Helen Often Hassel, Trond H. Hegvold, Ingrid Strøm Kleven, Vãnia Sofia Pereira Simões, Elisabeth Kahrs Kuhnle, Lars Erik Brustad Melhus, Francisco Liborio Mendes, Joana Or~encio, Hanne Thorvaldsen Solem, Elisabeth Sponås, Sophie Sterud, Mia Anette Prøsch Stilson, Natalie Stout Sue-Chu, Viktoria Söderlindh, Helga Kristine Teige, Mari Trae, Petter Christian Vogt, Henning Aschim Wien and Ingebjørg Øveraasen.


Arnstein Gilberg, Finn Håkonsen and Helge Solberg.


Rindals-Tre AS, Talgø factory and Trollheimen NæringsSørvis AS.


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