Project description

Architects: NTNU students in collaboration with Brendeland & Kristoffersen Arkitekter

The Megaphone is an 18 meter long cut cone made of 3mm steel sheets, mounted on eight columns. The exterior is painted white, while the interior is painted with high gloss black, which reflect light an color as well as sound. Acoustically, the Megaphone with its 6-meter maximum diameter catches and transmits sounds from the environment, as well as working as an enormous, well, megaphone.

It was later moved to Ladehammeren.

The project was published in Arkitektur N. Read the article HERE.

More info / Contact

Contact person

Geir Brendeland / geir.brendeland()ntnu.no

Olav Kristoffersen / olav.kristoffersen()ntnu.no

Fact box

Students: Einar Bye, Cyril Chabaud, Pablo Fernandez, Federica Frangipane, Styrkaar Hustveit, Fanny Jacquet, Christian O’Riordan Larsen, Quentin Leroy, Mélanie Mathevet, Runar Nedregård, Ines Rakow, Kévin Sanouiller, Valentina Serra, Bergur Porsteinsson, Martin Bergsmark Vodde, Henning Aschim Wien


Teachers: Prof. Geir Brendeland, Prof. Olav Kristoffersen, Nils Fjærvik

Guest teachers: Peter Karl Becher (AA), Christoph Schindler (Lucerne School of Art and Design)

Consultants: Huse Engineering AS v/Jørn Salthammer

Sponsors: Sparebank1 SMN, Trønder Energi, NTNU

Built: 2010

Photos: Stig Arne Heltorp, Bergur Porsteinsson, Geir Brendeland, Pasi Aalto