Manman Troll Boulangerie

Project description

About the project
A small bakery on a 135 m2 site, with an appartment on the first floor. The bakery is run by Manman Troll, a women’s network organized by Haitian-Norwegian NGO Project Haiti (
The building is located in Delmas 33, and the land is owned by Manman Troll leader Nahomie, whose house on the site was completely destroyed from the earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010. She now lives with her two children in the appartment above the bakery.

Working closely together with the wonderful ladies of Manman Troll, our task was to develop the project from idea to finished building. We hosted group workshops, meetings, organized site clean-ups, and included the women in the construction process. They taught us haitian creole and hard work.
During the process we spent a lot of time on trying to make the process as comprehensible as possible, always explaing why and how things were done. We believe this openness to be crucial for the success of the outcome. Another goal was to break hierarchies. We did so by including women in work where they do not normally find themselves, and by getting our own hands dirty as much as possible.

The main aspects
– Participation on all levels of the process
– Re-use where possible, keep costs low
– Gradual transfer of responsibilies to Manman Troll

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Project HAITI

Lydia Høyem Anker / lydia()

Fact box

Project: Manman Troll Boulangerie (bakery for the women’s group Manman Troll), Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

NTNU students: Olav Fåsetbru Kildal, Ida Ve, Lydia Høyem Anker, Anne Gjesdal Bjørndal, Anders Kjøllesdal and Jonas Asheim.

Construction: July 2010- September 2011

Bakery opening: August 2012