How to do a live project

Are you an architecture student? Do you have an idea you want to realize? Or are you just curious? The Live Studio-framework is built up to facilitate and mentor your engangement. Feel free to contact us!


A LiveProject is not like a course in the curriculum. To understand the idea behind the LiveProject framework, it’s good to explain through projects that have been done by students previously.

The Live Project resources make use of other students’ experiences. This is to help improve the learning outcome, while keeping independence, without removing the quality and advantages doing a project on your own. Nothing except the safety courses are mandatory, but they will likely be a good resource for you during your project.


In the beginning of a project, you will have a talk with your mentor This is to discuss the your wishes, the project, the resources you need and reveal some of the challenges you might meet during the process. In the initial phase there will also be offered different case workshops and online lectures.


If difficult problems and questions arise, you will have a mentor available for some sessions during your process. However, in general, it can also be good to discuss the project and process with the mentor, maybe they have some tips?

Former LiveProject-students are often available and glad to discuss your project. For some of the challanges, it is often easier to talk with someone that has recently been through the same issues.

Some projects require more than architectural supervising. Maybe the construction has to be checked by an structural engineer, or maybe the project need some kind of special fire protection? Remember to keep your mentor updated on these things to be able to book the skills in time


Once or twice during the semester, there will be held a WorkIn-ProgressTalk. This will be an opportunity to explain your project and your on going challenges to the other Teams and mentors. Afterwards there will be a discussion both about your project, but also a general discussion. Remember: This is not to impress the others, present what you got and tell them about your challenges.

If there are any common challenges across the different project teams, the mentors will try to set up relevant lectures that discuss the topics.

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