What is a live project?

A Live Project is born when students engage in projects with clients outside of their educational institution. These projects most often take the form of physical design-and-build projects, but are by no means limited to this. These projects set themselves aside from other curricular projects in that they are ‘live’ in a very literal sense. The projects happen in real time, with real people, that have made very real commitments, where their time and resources are at stake.

Live Projects pose many challenges for students. Having to take full responsibility for a project, and dealing with these challenges,
is what makes the experience both demanding and rewarding. The students at NTNU make good use of the support offered by the teaching staff and the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art when met with problems, particularly those that are design-related. Whatever the brief, Live Projects see the students making full use of all the resources available to them, both within and outside of their educational institution.

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