trondheim calling 2016

In 2016 a group of students got the task to enlighten the pathway between ‘Solsiden’ and ‘Brattøra’ in Trondheim for the annual music festival Trondheim Calling.

Since the project was temporary the students decided to buy as little as possible, and instead make us of reusable and recycled objects combined with lighting. From this a concept with plastic bottles and bottle storage boxes was made. The organization Infinitum lended 12.000 bottles to the students, which after the project was returned and recycled. Also, 300 storage boxes was lent from Ringnes. This was then used to design an installation which enlightened the pathway and thus guided the festival members from ‘Solsiden’ to ‘Brattøra’ during the festival. 

The project group consisted of nine architect students from NTNU who led the design work, and six students who helped with the building and mounting of the installation. One of the key experiences was how much time and work it requires to drill holes and thread together 12.000 bottles, a process which would not be possible without the help from so many eager students.

Although it sometimes was tiresome work, the progress was clearly visible and thus really rewarding. After all, the project turned out to be a good cooperation between the students, Trondheim Calling and the municipality, and the result really made a positive impact on both the city and the festival during its duration.


Solsiden & Brattøra, Trondheim

Project Opening: February 2016

Steffen Telstad

Collaborators: Trondheim Calling,
“En Blå Tråd”

Steffen Wellinger,
NTNU Live Studio

Design and construction: Oda Solum Sønstebø, Hilde Maråk, Martine Elisabeth Kjoge, Mari
Rye-Larsen, Katrine Maria Busund, Hedda Stang Lund, Malin Dalby Borger, Brede Melinder Stokland, Kristin Groos Kilen and Hanna Kjellberg-Line

Sander Koland, Fredrik Justnes, Lorents-Kristian Blomseth, Håkon Toth, Sverre Austnes and Kristoffer Førsund Heradstveit

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