17 architect students have designed and built a stairway and exhibition linking together the upper and lower parts of Kjøpmannsgata. The layered stairway is a symbol of co-operation between Trondheim municipality BLÅ TRÅD, Studio:Beta, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art and a wave of student engagement. Architecture students have together completed the project in just 13 days, through a combination of 1:1 testing, concept development scale and good discussions.

The wave-like design concept has been expressed through the transverse lines of the floorboards creating a continuous form down the slope, forming seating and plateau. The structure also includes a removable display can be used for all the exhibits to energize the street.Bølgen was a contribution to the Holzbau Nordic conference in september 2014.


Kongens Allmenning, Trondheim

Building Owner:
Trondheim Kommune

Steffen Wellinger
Sally Daniels
Hilde Bøkestad

Harald Seljesæter, Julie Lundeby Lerfald, Unn Vilde Gilberg, Eirik Strand, Kristoffer Olsen Hauge, Anders Gunleiksrud, Kristian Ormhaug, Suner Syuleyman, Simon Tsuruta Pedersen, Kristin Solhaug Næss, Magnus Nordal Hauken,
Lee Bartholomew, Eirik Vist Scheie, Silje Ruud, Andreas Bakken Smedås, Sophie Jarzebowski, John Haddal Mork

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