ISFIT 2019 – Meeting place

Every second year 500 students from all around the world come to Norway for the International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFIT). In an effort to make the festival more visible in the urban landscape a group of students from NTNU came together to build a meeting place where the inhabitants of Trondheim and the participants of the festival could meet, discuss and reflect upon migration, the official theme for ISFIT ’19. The structure is situated on “Cicignons plass”, in the heart of Trondheim. 

In order to reduce the building period, the structure were made out of pre-fabricated elements that was fabricated inside and later assembled on site. The elements were designed to be up within 1×3 and 1.5×2.5 meters, so that they could easily be transported by car. In line with the festivals sustainability policy, all of the wood used in the construction beside the framework is either reused or recycled. As a result of this, the cladding on the floor and walls contain a great variety of different dimensions and patinas, which gives the structure a distinctive character and contributes to the overall atmosphere. 

The combination of elements creates different pathways and intersections, and illuminated chandeliers and walls with stripes painted with the ISFIT colors offers shelter and calmness, essential for those who migrates. In the middle of the meeting place an illuminated ice sculpture were created, as an interpretation of a common shared campfire. 


Cicignons plass,
Trondheim, Norway


ISFIT and NTNU Live Studio

Project manager:
Lars Gustav Rogen

Vice project manager:
Selja Sørland

Project participants:
Guro Reinaas
Tale Skrøvset Amundsen
Lukas Niederwolfsgruber
Susann Klubben
Tora Ellingsen
Silje Grandetrø Ustad
Oda Renli
André Tollnes Flem
Emma Erikstad Rutherfurd
Linn Sofie Olse
Ingrid Åsbø Sondov
Bendik Skarre Abrahamsen
Mikkel Nygard
Dorte Narum
Marte Solset Haug
Tora Eskild
Sofie Kongsli
Emily Hochlin Sjøgren
Andrea Worsøe
Pernille Helena Glesaaen
Anne Marte Gjørvad
Kaja Linnea Teichroeb
Hilmar Nypan Claes
Nora Tyldum Lunøe

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