The Pstereo Upcycled project is an design and build collaboration between architect
students and the music festival Pstereo in Norway. The festival is focused on their
environmental impact, and challenged the architect and students to rethink temporary
festival structures. The festival is situated in an open green park by the riverside, but visually
separated from the river.

The design was based on reusable materials, such as pallets, scaffolding and water tanks. During one design week and two weeks of building, the project group created a temporary
landscape, connecting the western festival area with the river. The temporary landscape created seating areas by the river, different places to hang out, and a back wall framing the area.

A temporary structure of scaffolding was built in the slope by the river, as a base for the wooden landscape. It formed a seating area all the way out in the river, giving the visitors a whole new view.
The construction of the wall is based on small wooden diamond shaped joints, where the ends of the pallets meet. This reduced the waste massively, as the wall is carrying itself, only stabilized by straps and large weights on the ground, in case of people climbing.

The back of the wall was covered with reusable transparent fabric, combined with LED lighting. The use of pallets and scaffolding made it possible to reshape such a large area, without the
waste of large amounts of wood. It`s also designed to be stored and rebuilt in other urban spaces. The project created a whole new atmosphere, with details such as people using the pallet wall as private seating areas, the web of lighting chains creating a roof in the twilight, and the landscape being shaped around the existing trees.


Marinen, Trondheim

Summer 2016

Academic supervisors: Steffen Wellinger M.Arch, Steinar Hillersøy Dyvik M.Arch, Thea Andreassen M.Arch, Anders Gunleiksrud M.Arch

NTNU, NTNU Live Studio, Pstereo music festival

Budget: 60 000 NOK

Project leader:
Kristin Solhaug Næss, M.Arch

Project group:
Oda Sivesind Holthe, Marie Langsholt Holmqvist, Guro Ek, Fredrik Justnes, Gustav Bjørngaard Rødde,
Aksel Borgen, Ulrikke Schønfeldt, Julia Kolacz, Kristina Stendahl Karlsen, Mary Linh Nguyen, Eigil Aandahl

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