TreStykker is an independent annual workshop involving students from the four Norwegian architecture schools. TreStykker started with a project in Trondheim in 2004, and since 2012, the responsibility of organizing the workshop is delegated to a different university every year.

The students participating in this workshop get a unique opportunity to be a part of every stage of the whole process. The project starts with one week of intensive conceptual workshop and brain storming in the spring. After the conceptual workshop, a leader group, representing the organizing school, develops the ideas into the final project. The second part of the project is the construction period, which spans over two weeks in the summer. The participants do not only get valuable experience from building and constructing, but also gain experience regarding negotiation with the municipality, project management, logistics and working in teams.

In 2016 TreStykker was for the first time organized by landscape architecture students at the Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU). The objective of TreStykker 2016 was to activate Vesteråtparken, a park connected to the historical site of Waldemarhøy in the city of Ski. The park needed an overall restoration, including new lawn, vegetation and a set of gravel paths. The new architectural structure got the name Kanten, which translates to The Edge, and consists of wooden triangular elements, which contribute with solid surfaces to sit, climb, run, lay down or hang out.



Ski, Norway

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