E.C. dahls bakgård

The main brewery in Trondheim launched in 2017 a competition to adjust one of its backyard to better accommodate the uses and activities they envisioned for this space. The space was an intense white, harsh sterile plaster enclosure. Echo and only a small amount of direct sunlight every day was the original conditions.

The project was built, in ten days, in the summer of 2017, by a group of 13 1st year architecture students from NTNU. It is situated in the backyard of E.C Dahls brewery close to Svartlamoen in Trondheim. The project’s goal is to add a flavorful mix of the urban Brooklyn (home of Brooklyn Brewery) and the soul of Reina. Which has a kind of bohemian, ideal, and respectful philosophy to it. To express this the project focuses on the social interaction through conversation – over a beer in the lounge – or through play.

A rustic aesthetic by the reused pallets in the floors, back wall and the row of sofas in the lounge. And a warmth through dim, yellow-orange lighting and vegetation.


Trondheim, Norway

Completed: 2017

Project leaders:
Andreas Rindal, Elias Thorsdal Mølnvik and Hallgeir Braut

Nikolay Hjertaas,
Are Ringheim

E.C. Dahls Bryggeri

Project Group:
Hallgeir Braut, Elias Thorsdal Mølnvik, Andreas Rindal, Jesper Vik, Simon Telle Brendmoe, Martin Haga Hamarsland, Are Ringheim, Eskild Krogli Brygfjeld, Martin Hopland, Ingrid Ofstad Norendal, Nora Oline Olden, Anders Jakobsen, Marte Nyberget

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